Super Mario Bedroom Decor


Super Mario Bedroom Decor

super mario bedroom decor

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  • The is a series of highly popular and acclaimed video games by Nintendo, featuring Nintendo's mascot Mario and, in many games, his brother Luigi. Gameplay in the series often centers around jumping on and defeating enemies.
  • This is a list of television series based on the Mario series of video games, developed by Nintendo.


  • A room for sleeping in
  • (Bedrooms (film)) Bedrooms is a 2010 drama film directed and written by Youssef Delara. Starring Julie Benz , Moon Bloodgood, Sarah Clarke, Xander Berkeley, Dee Wallace and Barry Bostwick. It premieres August 20th 2010 at the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival 2010 .
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  • The decoration and scenery of a stage
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super mario bedroom decor – Nintendo Wall

Nintendo Wall Graphics – New Super Mario Bros
Nintendo Wall Graphics - New Super Mario Bros
It’s a tale as old as time. Boy grows up, completely enamored with a computer-generated Italian plumber. He pumps his college fund, in quarter form, into Donkey Kong. Later, he grows inch-thick calluses on his thumbs playing Super Mario Brothers on the original NES. He suffered through Super Mario Sunshine, and has the entire season of Super Mario Adventures, staring Captain Lou Albano as Mario, on DVD. Finally, he marries a nice girl named Pauline, and has three kids: Shigeru, Luigi, and Diddy. Poor Diddy.

What he doesn’t have, though, are these awesome vinyl restickable wall-stickers. Featuring Mario and his friends and enemies through his evolution from 15 pixel high sprite to fully 3d-rendered hyperbeing. Do a faithful recreation of your favorite levels, or create your own, using your own space as a template.

Now all you need are mushrooms that make you into a giant, and flowers that let you throw fireballs.

Super Mario VS Superman (Fleischer Cartoon Version)

Super Mario VS Superman (Fleischer Cartoon Version)
Mario runs through the castle in Super Mario 64…

As he ponders going in to the painting to race the penguin once again, he notices something on a side table. It’s a comic book wrapped in plastic from the 1940s (One of the goombas must be a collector or something).

“Who is-ah Superman?” Mario says as he scratches his head. He then hears a noise and looks behind him. Several goombas and koopa troopas are heading in his direction. He panics and jumps into the comic by accident

Mario arrives in 1942 Metropolis, USA. Several people are running scared from a gigantic dinosaur rampaging through the streets. As the creature moves closer, Mario leaps into the air and punches its face. As it falls to the ground, the little man grabs its tail, and gets a good spin going before releasing it back into the ocean. The crowds, stunned for the moment, begin cheering.

“Well done, friend,” Says a voice from behind. Mario sees a tall, dark haired man with a blue and red suit, complete with a cape. It’s Superman, the man from the comic cover. “The people of Metropolis appreciate your efforts, and I always welcome help.”

The people around start cheering louder and louder. Eventually, they express their desire to see a bout between the two blue clad heroes. Superman and Super Mario agree, and shake on the deal.

Later, at the Metropolis Sports Stadium….

“Welcome to the charity event of the decade!” The announcer says from the center of the football field to much applause, “The battle between The Metropolis Marvel, Superman and the newcomer from parts unknown, Super Mario!”

After the ref wishes the two men luck, Superman shakes Mario’s hand and the battle begins…

This is fair, regardless of what you may think. Golden Age Superman was relatively weak. His strength is equal to that of Spiderman. Plus, flight was not available to him. He only leap an eighth of a mile at a time. While he is invulnerable to pain, he can still suffocate from gases. While heat vision and freeze breath are not available either, X-Ray is.

Mario has shown great amounts of strength in the past, including shattering bricks with his skull and lifting Bowser by his tail. Plus, he is an excellent jumper.

Super Mario broke

Super Mario broke
I broke Super Mario Brothers. (Mario should be standing to the left of the Princess.)

super mario bedroom decor

Super Mario Brothers Giant Wall Decals
Take any room from drab to fab with these over sized wall decorations! Make your child’s big day extra special with these easy to install reusable decals! Made to move, these peel and stick clings come off the wall just as easily as they go on. Decorate for your party, and then let your child redecorate their bedroom with no worries! Available in a variety of themes to ‘accessorize’ every child’s creative side. * Decal sheet is made of vinyl and measure approximately 54″ wide x 44″ high. * For use on smooth, flat surfaces. * Includes 3 Inch yellow squeegee. * Also includes full use and care instructions.